Tricks To Squeeze The Most Out Of A Charge Of The Mobile Battery

It must be noted that when it comes to a full charge of the batteries, the duration of the charge does vary with the way the mobile phone is used to a large extent.  There are some applications that cause the faster drainage of the battery than the others and it is the more experienced user that gets to know how to judiciously use the phone to bring out the most in term of time between charges.

Using WiFi and 3G/4G

Data connections per se are rather high on battery drainage.  Of the lot it is the WiFi connection that tends to use up the power to a lesser extent than others.  So it would be best advised to stick to the connections that are the least loading on the battery and to use 3G/4G only when absolutely necessary.

Often while travelling it would not be possible to have ready access to a WiFi node and in such situations the wise practice would be to switch on the data when necessary and to keep it off the rest of the time.  This practice is bound to make a big difference to the battery consumption.

Use of apps

The better designed apps do not use up much power as such and it is often the poorly or those that did not have much budget in the developmental stages that drain battery power.  But the wise practice would be to minimize the use of apps to the best possible extent.  It is rather a bad habit to pick up as well.

Screen brightness

It might surprise the user as to how much longer the battery can be pushed for by just reducing the brightness of the screen.  The more up market models do allow for the brightness to be automatically adjusted depending on the ambient light.  It is thus a good habit to have around to keep screen brightness to the minimum possible.

Ringtone volume

With the typical smart phone, there are a number of sounds you can hear on 123movies online full hd that are associated with it.  The ringtone would be just one of the many warning tones and a good habit would be to keep such volumes to as low as is necessary. Not just being more tolerable to the people around you, it is just a more courteous way of treating others as well.  The lowered ringtone volume would do wonders to the life of a battery charge.

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